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Wall Hangings have such a History

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Wall hangings have been around for thousands of years, in cultures around the world. Famous hangings might include the Bayeux tapestries that depict a number of scenes including the Battle of Hastings when the Normans invaded England. There are also the Acts of the Apostles, 16th-century tapestries. In modern times we have a huge range of options when it comes to wall hangings, different materials, a range of styles and types, including a fun boho wall hanger that adds a lot of interest and fun to anyone’s wall.

In medieval times and later

There was a time when only the wealthy and noble could really afford to have wall hangings. They were a symbol of wealth and luxury because tapestries were all made by hand so took incredible skill, attention to detail, and of course a long time. It was also true that because dyes were naturally made, some were easier to make than others and at certain times of the year, materials to make the dyes were harder to get and so coloured threads were harder to create.

When looms that made factories possible were invented, this allowed for the early version of mass production. That lowered prices somewhat. While still expensive, more were able to invest in a wall hanging for their walls. The hangings used in castles were used not just to show off the artwork. They were there to also insulate the walls and help block drafts as castles were not that warm! Back then most designs were related to the family, religion or mythology. The royals might have gold and silver threads and fine silk threads in their hangings.

Choices today

Today you can get hangings in all shapes and sizes, styles, colours and types. You can stick to traditional tapestry hangings, or try out a macrame wall hanging plant holder. You can have metal pieces of art in the shapes of a dragon, a flag, a weaving or anything else you can think of and find. The range of options out there all come at affordable prices, or you can choose to invest more if you want to.

You can get something mass-produced of great quality, or you can invest in something custom-made. Whatever your style and favoured decor, there is room for a wall hanging to be a part of that. Buy something locally made, or ship it in from anywhere around the world. If you want something traditional with history you can check out antique shops and the like. Or see what your grandma has up in her attic!


If you are looking for a large boho wall hanger for one of the rooms in your home, or maybe you are looking for something with dual purpose like a macrame wall hanging plant holder, you can find anything online! Take your time shopping to find exactly what you need and enjoy some great wall hangings whether you choose modern every time or something more traditional.