Restaurant Technologies to Watch

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The restaurant industry is now a very competitive one. If you are running one, you need to improve on your service and technology is the forte. It is the only means by which you can only show how committed you are to satisfy your customers. This article is prepared to apprise with five new restaurant technologies you should have in your restaurant for efficient service.new_tech

1 Portable Payment: Nowadays, we need to make restaurant customers to experience convenience. In order to achieve this, the payment medium has to be made easy for the guest. The guest should not bring the payment to us but we should bring the payment to the guest. This method prioritises the experience of the guest.

2 One-for-all Technology: there have been a number of various technologies used in the restaurant industry. The fact that these technologies are too many may bring about confusion. This is why there is a need for a technology that will perform all the functions that each of these devices is performing. TouchBistro is launched in order to integrate next devices as well as the information they contain into the POS environ.

3 Self-Ordering: Kiosks and Table Side Tablets: the newest evidence of self-order is the kiosk. You will self-serve kiosk emerge in chains such as McDonalds and Pandera Bread. Now, the self-service tablets kiosks appear on tables in restaurants. This is absolutely what the customers really prefer. Statistics reads that 74 % of people of age 18-34 would prefer to place their orders using the tableside tablets. Apart from the fact that this technology allows for bill splitting, your customers are also allowed to make payment when they are willing to. It is really the solace where your customers will testify to having enjoyed a time-sensitive lunch.

4 Wearable Tech: the wearable tech accompanies the tableside tablet to enhance convenience in the real sense of the term. Your servers will have to wear this device. Having worn it, the device will notify them when guests come close to the door of your restaurants. The device will enable your guest to place orders when they are not at the table side as long as they are connected to the tableside tablet.
The wearable tech can also enhance inter-communication in the restaurant. It allows you as the owner of a restaurant to communicate easily in the restaurant, no need to beckon or shout, just a beep and the message will get to the specific server you are communicating with.

5 Real-Time Data Automation: the subsequent pioneer for restaurants is going to be data automation. This device makes everything including data collection and reference to history as easy as it is meant to be for a restaurant owner. So with this device, you don’t have to start racking your brain over sale activities that have been taking place for long hours. For instance, your inventory sales will be automated. It will give you notifications to restock when such is necessary.

Restaurants are relatively a small capital business. However, there is absolutely the need to start using the available technological devices to have a smooth and successful operation of the firm.