Red Door Food

The Bar Menu

Oyster with cabernet sauvignon vinegar pearl and eschallot $4 Buffalo ricotta cannoli pastry, cucumber, tomato, olives and provencal herbs (2)$7
Curried chicken samosas with tamarind chutney (2) $9
Handmade grissini, serrano ham with roasted pear, hazelnut puree and cress $15
Crispy potato sins with salt cod brandade and watercress (2) $9
Smoked eel croquettes with an egg, chive and caper mayonnaise (5) $14 Deep fried school prawns with saffron aioli $12
Mixed roast nuts with rosemary, brown sugar and smoked paprika $5
Marinated olives $5
Bread and extra virgin olive oil (3) $4
Handmade salt and pepper crisps $3.5
Selection of cheeses with toasted walnut bread and fruit (4) $22

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Roast peach, pistachio frangipane, sheep’s yoghurt sorbet, fennel pollen jelly and sable rosti
Banana ice cream, caramalised banana, digestive biscuit, coffee and tonka
Chocolate mousse, orange sponge, orange curd ice cream, chocolate soil and brazil nuts
Thyme parfait, lemon curd, roasted blueberries, macadamia nut and dried lemon sponge