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Is a Perth online butcher a good idea?

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The only people that probably haven’t had this debate at some point in their lives are vegetarians and vegans, and even then, if you still eat cheese and eggs, the debate applies to cheese and other deli accoutrements as well.

This, however, is an interesting new kind of quandary, one far more popular now that things like the pandemic have pushed for a more online presence, as well as delivery systems to keep people at home.

Unfortunately, this means that I have to look at this from a few different angles, so buckle up.

The Efficiency of Delivery

Delivery is actually far more efficient in a lot of ways, reducing the traffic on the streets, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. Theoretically, with professional drivers being the main people on the roads, as well, there should be less accidents unless hazards on the road as well. Of course, that’s theoretical, as many places will give anyone with a drivers license the privilege of delivering for them.

On top of this, though, it makes it easier for you to get good meat, cheese and other such things in this time of crisis. If you eat good, you will feel better, and you will stay healthier, reducing your risk of catching a certain virus. You’re also not going out as much, meaning that you are a lot safer due to reduced exposure.

Even those that call themselves the best butcher in Perth are going to this online system, which is a very profitable, safe and efficient model, one that actually increases their customer count, with minimal overhead.


One thing that you definitely are guaranteed with a Perth online butcher is a better quality than you tend to get from a supermarket. There’s nothing wrong with supermarket meat, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the stuff of butcher can offer. You’ll have a greater variety, you will be a will to specify specific things with your cuts, and you won’t have to worry about all the preservatives being pumped into the meat.

With less overhead, you really can get the best butcher in Perth through these online services, with cuts of meat that are fair for the price, and very high in quality.


Online interfaces for ordering your meat make it easier to pick out what you want, and specify any details about how you want the cuts to be handled. It’s actually more intuitive than asking the butcher about various things, and can tell you all about the types of meat and what therefore, and might even be a bride you with recipes and cooking instructions for some of them too.

At the end of the day, you’re saving a lot of money and getting better quality food for less effort. Remember, specialism like this brings a better quality of service, and honestly, supermarkets can compete in that regard.

Just be sure to pay attention to customer feedback before getting too carried away with orders from a butcher you’ve never tried.