Cocktail list


Amaro Fiore $18
Finlandia grapefruit infused vodka, aperol, st germain elderflower liquor and grapefruit bitters

Jamaican Jam $16
Appleton VX rum, apricot jam, passionfruit, campari and sparkling wine

Think Twice $17
Plymouth gin, cynar and pomegranate syrup and orange soda

Strawberry Jazz $19
Hennessy VS cognac, strawberry, balsamic vinegar, lemon and sparkling wine


For Any Occasion

Firefly $18
Goslings black sela rum, pineapple, orange, lime, sugar and ginger beer

Foveaux Cosmo $17
Russian standard vodka, gewürztraminer, hibiscus syrup and lime

Jalisco $17
El jimador tequila, st germain elderflower liquor, grape, agave syrup and lime

Oscar $18
Plymouth gin, cherry heering, cassis, cucumber and raspberry syrup

Peruvian Night $19
Pisco, apricot brandy, cointreau, lemon and egg white

Smoke Screen $17
Famous grouse, pomme verte liquor, lemon and cinnamon syrup

After Dinner

Passion Sorbet $16
Russian standard vodka, passionfruit, vanilla syrup, lemon and cream

Maple Rye Old F $18
Jim beam rye, whiskey barrel bitters, maple syrup and orange bitters

Triple C Martini $17
Russian standard vodka, white cacao liquor, vanilla syrup and chilli

R D Cherry Pop $19
Hennessy VS cognac, cherry heering, lemon and egg white

Pome Fizz $10
Grapefruit, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup and orange soda

Passion lush $10
Orange, passion fruit, lemon, vanilla syrup, sugar syrup and cream

Tropical Spice $10
Grapefruit, orange, lime juice, agave syrup and ginger beer


Soft drinks

Coke, diet coke, sprite $5
Soda water, tonic water $5
Dry ginger ale $5
L.L.B $7
Ginger beer $7
Cranberry juice $4.5
Tomato juice $5