7 Common Online Ordering Mistakes Restaurants Make

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If you’re running a restaurant, there are chances the amount of things on your daily to-do list makes your head spin — and the last thing you’re thinking about is how to grow your online ordering. But do you know you could be hurting your orders without even realising?


Order Button of the Bottom of your Site

It takes a potential new customer few seconds to decide whether to order from you or not after having browsed your name and seen your website. If it is the case that you don’t have the ‘order’ button at the bottom of your website, the supposed customer will not think twice before moving to choosing your competitor in your stead.

How to fix

At the top right side of your site, and in your navigation, you should fix an ‘Order Online’ button. With this, Google can find the button and ensures that both are clickable.

Incorrectly Featuring Your Branded Online Ordering Like a “Portal” Website

The point is you may not want to advertise to your guests on your site the Micros are the POS system you are using. It could get worse and rather set your customers confused if you do a multiple listing of the POS systems you are using for them to select one to order with. In a nutshell, do not list your online ordering.

How to Fix

Unneeded logos should be removed. Ensure you only have a single call to action like ‘Order Online or ‘Order Now.’

Forgetting to Use your Custom Dashboard

Online ordering companies have different modes of operating. If there is any one that gives your control, use that. Use any whose dashboard enables you to view and use your customer data, do a change in menu pricing, operate marketing operations, and engage in further activities. Don’t forget to use what you paid for!

How to Fix It

Reach you ChowNow account manager to get a refresher so as to reap the fruits of the products. you can use the demo improve on your sales with a customised online ordering system if you are not a ChowNow client.

Overlooking In-Store Marketing Tactics

You should know the relevance of the functions of strategically placed print materials. A symbol promoting your mobile app when customers are waiting incites them to skip the line another time. Flyers in a to-go bag make them remember it is easy to place order when they are hungry.

How to fix

ChowNow has a new version for Marketing Menu. You can place a request to order beautiful digital and print materials for your restaurant.

Forgetting to Utilize Social Media

The effectiveness of social media cannot be overemphasised. They also free. If you don’t have time to post daily, you can create a schedule. This will make things as easy for you as desired. For instance, you can post every Wednesday and Saturday. This will help people to bear your restaurant in mind mid-week and every weekend. Your brand will also be well built if you can opt-in for a photo based platform like Instagram.

How to Fix

To ensure your posts work better, create a weekly schedule and read on ‘social media best practices’ where you can get a lot of other ideas to use the social media to your advantage.

Underestimating the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Do not underuse your staff. The problem of many owners is that they do not let their staff know what it is supposed to know. When your customers know you have an app for ordering or that they can place orders online, they will surely keep coming for you. Your staff should know how to appropriately describe your branded online ordering.

How to Fix

You may contact a marketing specialist through phone or live for consultation.

Not Using your Marketing Contact

There is a range of information to share about your restaurant; new program also appears all the time. For instance, ChowNow offers on-demand delivery built in your tablet at the moment. It also has an email program to increase your customer patronage every month in order to retain them to you, an optional discovery network that you can turn on and put off to call in new customers and many more other features.

How to fix

Call a marketing specialist and discuss what benefits your business the most.